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Exhibition: The conversation is open, by Michele O’Connor Connolly, which was due to open at 6.30pm Fri 13th March 2020 is now cancelled due to the anti-COVID19 measures announced by the government today.

Seaweed Dye organic Print Landscape 1 – Michele O’Connor Connolly

   West Cork-based artist Michele O’Connor Connolly (BAVA, MA Art & Process, and MA Arts & Humanities) will be in WAS for a 10-week residency starting out with an exhibition of work (The Conversation is Open) opening at 6.30pm Friday 13th March 2020. 

   As part of the Cross-Species Kinship  project Michele and fellow artist and collaborator Janice McEwen have been investigating through the lens of the kelp forest our responsibilities as humans towards other species.

   Michele has been considering the materiality of the Kelp Forest through experimentation with Kelp and other seaweeds from the intertidal zone, principles of ‘cross-species kinship’ treating other species as ‘kin’ and what does it mean? Recognising the interconnected web of life and our place as part of this. Understanding, treating with respect and not exploiting but protecting the sustainability of this living web and the damage was done by destroying any part of it.

   With a focus on the kelp, one of the first living and longest surviving species, the work explores the importance to other species, including ours, and its future, to share ideas and opinions about changing our relationship with this and other species, its sustainability in the changing and challenging climatic and economic environment of the Anthropocene.

   A deep knowing of one threatened species (the kelp/algae have survived for millions of years) can change our attitudes to and relationships with all (feelings about?) species. We no longer have a ‘human privileged’ view of life.

   In response to the Anthropocene and what environmentalist Edward O Wilson calls the ‘Age of Loneliness,’ and disconnection from other species and their fate, anthropologist Deborah Bird Rose, writes about cross species kinship and asks “Is such a kinship a foundational condition of human life?”

   She raises an idea of ecological existentialism around the end of certainty and the importance of conversations in an age of connectivity and uncertainty and the end of atomism, a shift to uncertainty and connectivity. It becomes possible to have conversations with people whose histories are completely different but whose worldviews work with uncertainty and connectivity. This is a moment for new conversations and new synergies. Stories encounter each other and become entangled. Stick in unexpected places and spark up new thoughts.


Poetry:  Award-winning bi-lingual poet, Doireann Ni Ghriofa will be returning to WAS at a date to be announced, to launch her new collection of poems in English, the multi-award-winning Clasp  

Clasp is her first English-language collection of poems. In three sections entitled ‘Clasp’, ‘Cleave’ and ‘Clench’, Ní Ghríofa engages in a strikingly physical way with the world of her subject matter. The result is by times what one poem calls ‘A History in Hearts’, among other things an intimate exploration of love, childbirth and motherhood, and simultaneously a place of separation and anxiety. In one poem set in the boys’ home in Letterfrack, a place of undeniable terror, we see how, in the name of religion, “The earth holds small skulls like seeds”.

The final section of the book comprises a single poem, Seven Views of Cork City, which, swooping in and out of personal history, paints a convincing if sometimes unsettling portrait of the poet’s adopted city, and of urban life’s ubiquitous restraints on “our dream of speed”.

The woman’s body is central to the collection, highlighted, visible, unconquered. Forgotten bones are reclaimed, gendered territory is staked out; it is clear that Ní Ghríofa’s has a voice which will not be silenced… In Clasp Ní Ghríofa has signalled that she is a poetic force to be reckoned with in the future.” – Clíona Ní Riordáin, Southword Journal

Doireann Ní Ghríofa

Doireann Ní Ghríofa



 FILM:  after a rapturuous reception in January, we plan to show again the stunning film, the groundbreaking documentary,

Agnes Martin: With My Back to the World       by Mary Lanceagnes_martin_cover

Agnes Martin has been designated by ARTnews Magazine as one of the world’s top ten living artists. In this incredibly intimate film, she speaks candidly and eloquently about art, her life and times, her working methods and her own art. This is a “must-see” film.

Date to be announced. Spaces will be limited.


and guitarists, Ari Sheehan & Mick Hoey: the incredible Rianóir 




FILM:    Brought Back By Public Demand!

Pat Collins’ wonderful film, Tim Robinson: Connemara will be shown again in WAS. Music composer, Susan Stenger will be the guest speaker, answering questions. (date to be announced)

Tim Robinson: Connemara

Tim Robinson: Connemara

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