Exhibition: Photography Richard T Breathnach – Moments in Time, Light and Landscape

 Photography  Exhibition. Dec 2017

Richard T Breathnach

      Moments in Time, Light and Landscape

We were honoured to present the first exhibition of photographic works by Richard T Breathnach on Friday 1st Dec 2017 to a house bursting at the seams.

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   Richard T Breathnach has had a lifelong interest in photography and the visual arts, from back when film was all there was and digital wasn’t even a thought in anyone’s head. After a brief flirtation with colour Kodachrome slides, commonly known as a mid-life crisis, monochrome always remained a compulsive as a way of seeing.

He was born and grew up in Cork City, Ireland, and after a good deal of World traveling, he emigrated, 60 miles down the road to Ballydehob in West Cork, Ireland, from where he travels to capture aspects of light in dubh and ban.

Moments in Time, Light and Landscape features Richard’s work from the last year, mainly photographed in West Cork and West Kerry with a sprinkling of other locations. All of the work is photographed in Monochrome.