Jan Lubicz Przyłuski Artist Talk 22 Oct 2015

We were honoured to have Jan Lubicz Przyłuski come to WAS to give an illustrated talk about some of his wide-ranging and fascinating work. A true polymath, Jannick is a cultural anthropologist, a visual and performance artist, a writer and a film maker.

Jan Lubicz Pryzluski

Jan Lubicz Pryzluski

He spoke of his own work and showed snippets from his recent film, Jan’s “Warpechowski. The Way of The Performer”. Published in 2014 by the National Gallery, Warsaw, this ingeniously structured film interviews, visually describes and re-enacts the often stunning and always moving work of Poland’s first and pre-eminent performance artist, Zbigniew Warpechowski. 

Jan introduced, commented upon and explained various excerpts from his film to a large and fascinated audience with charm and an extraordinary degree of knowledge. Another wonderful night in WAS! Dziękuję to Jannick, to Tomasz & Agata and to all who came along.

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